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Player Pianos

Introducing PianoDisc's revolutionary iQ "The Intelligent Player System" featuring the patented SilentDrive HD hi-res technology which can be easily integrated with today's popular Apple wireless devices, such as the iPad or iTouch.  The wireless operation is made possible by incorporating AirPort Express, a small device mounted underneath your piano. 

This system is the "latest in piano technology" and is invisible, embedded and wireless allowing you to retain the beauty of your instrument and the freedom to control your piano from the comfort of your couch. 

Pre-loaded with the $1,000 Software Package, a generous library containing hundreds of songs, you can also enjoy endless entertainment from PianoDisc's FREE 24/7 Streaming Radio Broadcast.  All you need is a high-speed Internet connection in your home.

Downloading additional music from PianoDisc's vast library of music selections is made easy through MusiConnect, a FREE Program that works in concert with iTunes.  One amazing feature that MusiConnect provides is the patented technology called "Always Play" which allows the user to download any MIDI File (Type 0 or 1) from the Internet and it will play on the piano.  Even if the MIDI File lack a piano track, it will assign the lead instrument in the song (guitar, organ, flute, etc.) and replace it with the acoustic piano, thus operating the keys on the instrument... an amazing exclusive feature of PianoDisc!!!  

Performance Features are also available with the addition of the TFT MIDI Record / MIDI/USB Cable Bundle... perfect for Garage Band or other programs for music recording, editing and playback.  You can also view sheet music on the iPad with the ForScore App.  The possibilities are endless!

The most successful player systems are often found installed on used Yamaha G2 grand pianos, used Yamaha G3, used Yamaha C3 grand pianos or used Yamaha G5 grand pianos. Because there are only a very limited number of used Kawai grand pianos available we mostly install player system on used Kawai KG2 or used Kawai KG3 grand pianos.

For more information on PianoDisc player systems please visit the PianoDisc website at www.pianodisc.com





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