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Rental Agreement

1. Care and Maintenance by the Renter

For maintaining the piano in good structural and functional state, the Renter must avoid:

  • placing the piano in direct sunlight
  • placing the piano near a heat source (the distance should be a minimum of two meters)
  • placing the piano against an external wall if it is poorly insulated

If the Renter does not comply with the maintenance instructions herein, the Renter will be responsible for the cost of damages (except from wear due to normal use) incurred to the piano. Damages will be evaluated according to the procedure described in section 3 of this document.

2. Renter's Responsibility

The Renter is responsible for full commercial value up to $25,000 for a grand piano or up to $10,000 for an upright piano in the event of fire, theft, destruction, total loss or damages of any nature, except from wear due to normal use.

In cases of fire, theft, destruction and total loss, the Renter will reimburse the Company for the commercial value of the piano as indicated above.

In case of theft or total loss, the Company is not required to lend a replacement piano to the Renter nor refund pre-paid monies for the rental period.

In case of damages to the piano, the Renter will have to reimburse the Company for all damages (except from wear due to normal use). Damages will be evaluated according to the procedure described in section 3 of this document.

3. Piano Return and Damage Evaluation

At the end of the rental period, the piano must be returned to the Company in the same state as it was received (except for wear due to normal use). All damages (except for wear due to normal use) will be paid for by the Renter. These damages, as evaluated by a piano technician chosen by the Company, are to be paid within thirty (30) days after this evaluation has been submitted to the Renter.

4. Ownership of the Piano

The Company maintains full ownership of the rented piano. It is understood that the Renter will not sell it, will not mortgage it and will not get rid of it in any way.

The piano shall not be moved to a different address from the delivery address indicated by the Renter without a written consent from the Company. Any moving of the piano without a written authorization from the Company will give the Company full rights to immediately cancel the present rental agreement. If the rented piano needs moving we reserve first right to move it for a reasonable price. If these terms are not met the Company may repossess the piano immediately without any compensation, nor any reimbursement of any nature to the Renter and the latter will be responsible for all damages (except for normal wear) as determined according to section 3 of this document.

5. Legal Fees

If the Company expends any cost for legal procedures required for imposing the terms of this document, the Renter will be required to reimburse the Company for these costs.


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